About Us

Founding Principals

We are breaking the status quo!

We no longer live in a 9 to 5 world. We close when you want to close – and where you want to close. We always accommodate our client’s schedule and needs. No questions asked.

Our goal is to change the Title Industry. We know this is an epic endeavor but we are up for the task. Communication is paramount. We pick up the phone, return phone calls and emails and treat each client with dignity and respect. We may not be the biggest title company in town but our goal is the be the hardest working.


Alex Bryan

Co-Owner and Founder

Mark Miller

Co-Owner and Attorney at Law

Daniela Adams

Senior Head Processor

Mildred DiBartola

Processing Manager

Cate Finch

Head Processor

Brent Saunders

Business Development Manager

Jill Saunders

Business Development Officer

Brittany Thompson

 Business Development Officer

Jacob Adams

HR Manager

Renee’ Loyd

Head Processor

Nathan Zukowitz

 Attorney at Law

Autumn Merritt

Processing Assistant

Andi O’Flaherty

Processing Assistant

Nikki Riley

Processing Assistant

Hannah Phillips

Processing Assistant

Danielle Conrad

Closing Mananger

Trevor Marble

Senior Closer

Darlene Kerr

Title Commitment Manager

Tracie Hart

Title Commitment Specialist

Heather Sisson

Funding Specialist

Vytas Reivydas

Funding Specialist

Wanda Bryan

 Post-Closing Specialist

Grant Finch

Post-Closing Manager

Carol Howell

Post-Closing Specialist

Patricia Fannin

Post-Closing Specialist



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